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Why are Prescription Drugs So Expensive?

Drug Manufacturers.

-Drug manufacturers alone set the price of drugs.

-Drug manufacturers accuse health plans and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) of raising health care costs to deflect attention from their insatiable behavior. ​

The California Alliance for Prescription Affordability is committed to advancing policies that reduce costs and increase access to medications.

We strive for affordable, accessible health care options for California patients and employers. 

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If attacks on employer- sponsored health plans are successful, the cost of prescription drugs could increase by billions of dollars in the next decade.
In California, health care costs continue to skyrocket. 
Employers want healthy workers. That means providing them with access to resources needed to support good health, provide preventative care and improve health outcomes. 
CAPA fights back against rising health care costs and advocates for the 29 million Californians with employer-based coverage. 
CAPA is working to advance policies to make prescription drugs more affordable. 
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